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20 Fun Years of Industry Experience

Includes work on over 50 titles and 35 shipped games.

Walker Boys Studio, Inc.
July 2002 – Present
Position held: Owners, Artists, Designers, Programmers
Build A Game Universe – PC, Mac, Linux, Consoles, Android, iPhone, iPad
BAG Tile Builder – PC, Mac, Linux
BAG Sprite Editor and Animation App – PC, Mac, Linux
Pixel Crushers QuestMachine Demo Level (Unity Asset)
RTS Engine Logo and UI Design (Unity Asset)
Beaver In The Rockies Prototype – PC, Mac
Applebee’s Restaurant Recipe Prototype App
Wal-Mart POC App Prototype – PC
NIOSH Boom Lift Simulator – PC – Web
Stealth Interactive Core Trainer – Android, iOS
Fellowship Christian Academy Video Game Camp
A.I. Behavior – Unity Tool – PC, Mac, Linux
A.I. Behavior – Tech Demo – PC, Mac, Linux
Hill-Rom Medical Bed – iPhone, iPad
Charlie Church Mouse 3D Bible Adventures – PC
Bofie’s Bakery – iPhone, iPad, Android – math game
Gui / Menu manager – private system
iOS Tips and Tricks App 6 – iOS app
iOS Tips and Tricks App 7 – iOS app
Cambridge Kids Educational Game
Stormstruck: A Tale of Two Homes – iPhone, iPad
RC Plane 2 – iPhone, iPad, Android
Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap – PC, iPhone, iPad, Android
Hanuman’s Quest – PC, iPhone, iPad, Android
Mobile Volleyball – Mobile
Character Animation system – private system
Youngblood tech prototype (2 versions) – PC
Zombie Launcher prototype and augmented reality – Daqri Training
Bioshock animation sets for Irrational Games
Mobile project animation set for Gearbox
Web development and marketing
Crossable – Mobile
The Fly – Standalone and Mobile
Civil War War Between the States
Texas Instruments (TI): OMAP Racing Demo
NC Falcon: Student Learning (Pilot Project)
Kurya Demo / Concepts
3rd Space Incursion
Roaming Robots (RTS)
En Gedi Illustration Designs (2D Print)
Hockey Puck Case Design (3D for Print)
3D Printing services since 2005 (Owner/Operator)
Walker Boys Training Series – Art (350+hours)
Walker Boys Training Series – Unity 3d (50+hours)
Consult and Training (Highlight list below. Others on request)
Consult and Training – Micronet Solutions 2015 – Dubia
Consult and Training – Micronet Solutions 2017 – Dubia
Consult and Training – Center For Disease Control (CDC) – VA
Consult and Training – Center For Disease Control (CDC) – PA
Consult and Training – MYMIC – WV
Consult and Training – Daqri 2015 – CA
Consult and Training – Daqri 2016 – CA
Consult and Training – 3D Excite – CA
Consult and Training – Age of Learning – CA
Instructors for Game Development (Private Training)
Training material for School of Interactive Design
Instructors for Stone River eLearning
Instructors for UDemy

Matygo Online Training
February 2012 – March 2012
Position held: Instructors
Duties: Train Eastside Game Studio employees on Unity technologies.

Four Story Creative
May 2011 – June 2012
Position held: Creative (Art, Programming, Design – all Unity)
Duties: Manage internal and external teams for development of video games for a wide range of clients.
“Bible Quest: Journey through Genesis” – PC
“King Solomon’s Trivia Challenge 2” – PC
“King Solomon’s Word Games” – PC
“Praise Champion 2” – PC
“Charlie Church Mouse Connect Four” – iPhone, Android
“IED Bomb Simulation” – PC, Kinect
Action Bible Augmented Reality App
Life Way VBS Augmented Reality App
David and Goliath Bible Storybook– iPhone, iPad, Android
Holsom 3Rd Person Robot Tech Demo – PC, iPhone, iPad, Android
Group Publishing VBS – Flight Sim – PC, iPhone, iPad, Android
Songbook Tech Demo – iPad
Top Down shooter Tech Demo – iPad, Android

The Guildhall at SMU
January 2003 – April 2011
Position held: Professor of Art Creation (Head of art department)
Duties: Manage Art Department faculty, Art Creation Lecturer, Team Game Production Lecturer, Game Design Lecturer, Life Drawing Lecturer, Art Director, Motion Capture Director, Art Lead, Game Producer, and Grant Writer
Created Art Creation course content for Terms 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, 8, 9
Co-Created Team Game Production course and content for Terms 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
Co-Created Game Development Summer Camp (2 week course)
Created Life Drawing course content for Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4
Created Game Design course and content for Term 2 and 3
Producer for 250+ 2d game development projects
Producer for 100+ 3d game development projects
Motion Capture Director (Direct, maintain and train usage of Vicon motion capture system)

LifeLine Studios
January 2010 – July 2010
Position held: Freelance Artist, Scripter, Level Designer
“Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures” – PC
Conceptual designs for Environment, look and feel of game, and assets
3D character artist and animator
3D environment art and texture set creation
Level Design block out, detail pass, lighting
Scripting character and controls system
Scripting first pass gameplay elements in hub

Dot3 Labs
August 2007 – October 2007
Position held: Freelance Artist
“Incursion” – PC
Conceptual designs for weapons, characters and assets
3D character artist and animator
3D fps weapon modeler and animator
3D environment art and texture set creation

Gearbox Software
August 2007
Position held: External Art Lead
Gameboy Advance Title
Managed student work for rigging and animation

Texas Instruments (TI)
February 2007
Position held: Freelance Artist
“Racing Demo” – Tech Demo for the OMAP 2430
Designed, textured and modeled 3D racing vehicles

FireFly Studios
January 2005 – January 2007
Position held: Lead Artist
Duties: Managing the art team, scheduling, mentoring new artists, direct interaction with designers and programmers
In addition, lead animator and 3d character modeler. Created marketing material for magazines and posters.
”Sid Miers: CivCity Rome” – PC, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube titles
Assisted: Stronghold 2

Wordware Publishing
July 2005
Position held: Author
“Making a Game Demo from concept to demo gold”
The book encompasses all portions of game development from game design, conceptual design, computer graphics,
animation, and motion capture to facial morphing, level design in 3ds max, scripting in LUA, and C++ programming

Arcade Comics, Inc.
October 2003 – June 2004
Positions held: Producer, designer and artist
“Youngblood Beginnings” – Tech Demo for PC title
Managed staff of six, minimal art tasks (GUI, texture cleanup), design docs, business plan

Twelve Games Interactive
June 2004 – August 2004
Positions held: Freelance Artist
“Crash Dummy vs. the evil D-Troit” – PC, PSP, Xbox
3D environment modeler, texture, conceptual art

Terminal Reality, Inc.
February 2002 – January 2003
Positions held: Character Modeler, Animator and Conceptual Designer
“Blood Rayne II” – PC, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube titles
3D character artist, animator and conceptual designer
“Blood Rayne I” – PC, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube titles
3D environment modeler, texturing, HUD design, conceptual art, animation
“Blowout” – Xbox title
Character conversion and animation assists
“Remission” – PC, Xbox titles
3D modeling, texturing, lead animator, GUI, conceptual design, level design, lead cinematic artist and animator

Ensemble Studios
November 1998 – February 2000
Position held: Conceptual Designer
“Age of Mythology” – PC title
2D artwork, storyboards, concepts, research and creation of the overall look and feel, 3D modeling, texturing
“Age of Conquerors” – PC title
2D artwork, storyboards, concepts, research and creation of the overall look and feel of the expansion pack
“Age of Conquerors” Strategy Guide
2D artwork for strategy guide
“Age of Kings” – PC title
2D artwork on all scenarios (totaling over 800 pieces of art), major task of creating the overall look and feel of the
game, storyboards, concepts for units and buildings, 2D pixel touchup on icons
“Age of Kings” Strategy Guide
2D artwork for strategy guide

Awesome Comics
June 1999 – November 2004
Position held: Artist (Penciler, Inker)
Duties: Storyboards, layout, covers, penciling and inking
“Prophet” issue 1
“Youngblood: Genesis” issue 1 and 2
“Youngblood: Imperial” issue 1
“Shadow Warrior” issue 1
“Childhood” issue 1, 2 and 3

Charles River Media
September 2001
Position held: Author
“Game Modeling using Low Polygon Techniques”
The book teaches the necessary skills, organizational techniques, and most effective ways to use 3D applications to
create low poly models

Cengage Publishing (Now: Ed2Go)
September 2001 – Present
Position held: Instructor
Duties: Creating online course, instructing and teaching students
“Drawing for the Absolute Beginner”
Developed a 12 lesson college course covering the basics of drawing for Education To Go, a subsidiary of Cengage
Corporation. It was released in December of 2002 and is offered in over 2,000 universities worldwide and has taught
over 8,000 students to date.

Galcom Studios
June 2000 – July 2001
Position held: Artist
Duties: Conceptual design, 3d modeling
”Battle Cruisers 3000 A.D.” – PC title

Presentations, Awards, and Instruction Video Content

Position held: Presenter
Duties: Talk on Game Development for the Christian Marketplace
Tulsa Workshop 2012 Conference – “Digital Church”

Position held: Presenter
Duties: Talk on Unity at San Diego Conference Center (Art, Programming, Design)
Unite 2011 Conference Topic – “Unity for Educators”

Position held: Presenter
Duties: Presented next generation ideas at Ideation Conference for churches world wide.
Ideation 2010 Conference Topic – ‘Interactive Digital Media For Church’

Position held: Instructor
Duties: Unity Video Training Series (Art, Programming, Design)
44+ hours of a complete Unity Development course, designed to take a beginner through all stages of development through Unity with a complete syllabus, online quizzes, assignments and five lab projects.

Position held: Instructor
Duties: Art Video Training Series
330 hours of a complete Game Development course, designed to take an artist from the beginning stages of traditional drawing through a completed studies of the skills and training to become a Professional Video Game Artist.

Newspaper and Article Writeup

– Waxahachie Newpaper – Online and Print – Global High school Winter Game Camp ( 20 high school kids, 1-on-1)

– Dallas (in wax) High School talk – Game Development opportunities (300+ high school kids)
Contact for information on presentation.

– Christian Chronicle – Online and Print – Tulsa workshop interview

Position held: Grant Writers
Duties: Writing / Research
Successful grant writing for two Technology Grants through Southern Methodist University in April 2009


3d Software

  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Autodesk Motion Builder
  • Autodesk Lightwave
  • Pixologic ZBrush
  • Blender
  • CrazyBump
  • TopoGun
  • PixPlant

2d Software

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Image Ready
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Dream Weaver
  • Adobe Flash Professional
  • Corel Painter
  • ArtRage
  • Gimp
  • Krita

Engine Tech

  • Unity 2017 Editor / Pipeline
  • UT 3-4 Editor / Pipeline
  • UT 2004 Editor / Pipeline
  • Build a Game Universe
  • Doom III Editor
  • Renderware 4 Editor
  • Virtools 4
  • Source (Half Life)
  • Torque Editor, Torque 2D Game Builder
  • Inferno Editor (TRI)
  • Ka3d 2
  • FPS Creator
  • MultiRender Pipeline

Motion Capture Software

  • Vicon I.Q., Vicon Workstation
  • ShapeWrap III
  • ioSoft
  • Kinect

Additional Software

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Net Object Fusion
  • Visual Studio .Net
  • FX Composer
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Particle Illusion
  • Sound Forge
  • ConTEXT
  • TortoiseCVS
  • SourceSafe
  • Mercurial
  • Git
  • Mental Mill (Artist)
  • FaceGen
  • DAZ Bryce
  • Curious Lab Poser
  • Unfold 3D
  • Maxon Bodypaint 3D
  • Deep Paint 3D/UV
  • CG UView

2D Skills

  • Life drawing
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Rendering
  • Storyboarding
  • Narrative
  • Conceptual design


  • Scanline
  • VRay
  • Radiosity
  • Raytrace
  • Brazil
  • Mental Ray

Languages / Api’s

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Unity Script
  • maxScript
  • Action Script
  • Unreal Scripting
  • C++
  • DirectX / Win32

3D Printing

  • Owner/operator of a Dimension 1200 3D Printer. Complete understanding of 3D design from digital concept to solid and sparse print requirements.

Project Management

  • Agile
    • SCRUM (pure/adjusted)
  • Waterfall
Walker Boys Studio, Inc.
July 2002 – Present
Lancaster, TX 75146

Four Story Creative
May 2011 – June 2012
Waxahachie, TX 75165

The Guildhall at SMU
January 2003 – April 2011
Plano, TX 75024

FireFly Studios
January 2005 – January 2007
Canton, CT 06019

Terminal Reality, Inc.
February 2002 – January 2003
Lewisville, TX 75067

Ensemble Studios
November 1998 – February 2000
Dallas, TX 75231

Awesome Comics
June 1999 – November 2004
Fullerton, Ca


Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts
September 1997 – 1998
37 Myrtle Avenue
Dover, New Jersey 07801